Christina DeOrchis 

- D A L L A S  - 

Meet Dallas Interior Designer

Christina DeOrchis 

Right when Dallas was asked to shelter in place, I was laid off due to the Covid-19 situation affecting our firm's hospitality projects.


My plan of attack is to keep myself positive, healthy, inspired all-while practicing patience. Firms may be slow to rehire- assessing their own financial situation. Clients may also need some time to recover- especially in the hospitality industry- I plan to be occupied with personal projects and strategic when choosing future opportunities.


I'm reminded of the blessing in disguise I had with the last major economic down turn. While I worked part time retail to make ends meet, in my spare time I explored San Francisco, where I had been living at the time. I fell in love with SF- its beauty and culture- to a depth I wouldn't have seen if I'd been working full time. Currently having

this extra time has allowed me to reset and take on personal creative projects.


I have simple routines- like making my bed and having a cup of Tazo English Breakfast then taking my dog on a walk. Weekly FaceTime with my family and a virtual girls Happy Hour on Friday's to stay connected. Telling my boyfriend we need to order take out because we've eaten pasta for the last 3 meals. haha


Staying productive, I've been able to take many CEUs offered by IIDA in via Zoom. I pulled out my sewing machine to make a mask. I'm on my 3rd novel. I've updated my Google Drive with my favorite recipes to easily refer back to. I'll go between Instagram Live or Classpass to stay active indoors. I concede, while being productive is great, I try not to criticize myself if I've overslept or haven't felt productive... or just felt like Netflix.


I'm now finally working on a large painting I was commissioned over a year ago by my brother. I'm glad this project is reawakening my talents and it equally challenging as it is peaceful. It's a sunset landscape of where we used to live.


Chin up. Respect your mental health. Know that this is an unusual season in your life- make the best of it!


C O N T A C T  I N F O


 Instagram: @House_of_Orchid (where I'll continue to post story progress of the painting)



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