Kahler Slater

Job Overview

Location options for position: Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison and Richmond

• ‍Corporate, Hospitality, and Residential Team

• 8+ years of experienceHold a degree in Interior Design or related field

• Hold a degree in Interior Design or related feild

• Focus on corporate workplace and environmental branding

• Ability to flex into hospitality and residential projects

• Successfully manage schedules, contracts, and team on multiple fast-paced Interior Design and Environmental Branding projects

• Skillfully represent firm with clients and collaborators

• Work in collaborate studio environment – mix of virtual and in person

• Comfortable working in an iterative design process

• Effective communication – with project team and clients

• Contribute to team energy and growth strategy

• Ability to work in Revit

• Knowledgeable in FF&E selection

Apply via email with resume and portfolio to: mycareer@kahlerslater.com

Subject Line: Interior Designer PM


125 S. Clark St.Suite 675-2

Chicago, IL 60603

P 312.789.4516



Interior Designer - Project Manager in Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison or Richmond




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