From The Middle Seat

What we have learned from 23 phone calls with 129 Interior Designers/ Architects across the country since March 30th...


After hearing from about 129 top Interior Designers + Architects a part of Network Next Gen across the country - we wanted to share with you a recap of what we’ve learned on the state of the Architecture + Design Industry and recurring topics we discussed.  (Filmed on Thursday, April 16th, 2020). 



1. Responded Quickly

  • Using mainly Zoom, Teams, + Bluescape to communicate

          2. Very Transparent with team

          3.  Fostering Community

  • Town Hall meetings with updates

  • Happy Hours

  • Communication Between Offices across country


2.  L A Y O F F S + F U R L O U G H S

  1. Pay cuts, Encouraged Time Off, Layoffs + Furloughs

  2. Firms are being Proactive vs. Reactive

  3. Upfront/ Transparent about financial situation,  providing unity within firm


3. S T A T U S  O F  P R O J E C T S 

  1. Different sectors are seeing different projects moving forward vs. put on hold 

  2. Depends more on what point in construction the project is in


4.  W O R K  F R O M  H O M E  L I F E 

  1. Adjusting rather smoothly

  • Technology

  • Getting Materials for presentations

      B. Knowing when to shut off the work day / Set boundaries 

      C. Craving Community 


5.  F U T U R E  O F  D E S I G N 

  1. Going back to office 

  •  WFH flexibility 

  1. Workplace - what does that look like

  2. Tech/ Materials in high contact areas/ touch points 


One of our Next Gen’ers stated that “Designers are choreographers in shaping space,  and our job will be to help dictate how people will respond to environments when life goes back to “normal”.


We will be continuing to support our Network Next Gen crew as things are changing daily, and share more updates as we have them! 

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