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Quartz & Selenite

Example of trend -

Selenite Cluster Table Lamp from John Richard.

Why did you chose it?

I’m a big believer in the healing power of crystals and other natural stones in the home, so this home décor & lighting trend is one that I can’t help but love. I loved the explosive energy of this Selenite table lamp, which feels like the crystals are falling from shade. Love the way the crystals diffuse light in this airy Chicago condo!


bold tile

Example of trend -

Chevron Navy Glazed Tile from The Fine Line.

Why did you chose it?

White Kitchens are on their way out. This striking blue color gives this Kitchen and bold and energetic feel. 

This bathroom was remodeled for two young sisters. We choose this deep navy chevron tile to give the space a fun pop of color while pairing with brass fixtures gave us just the timeless look we were after.


Example of trend -

Custom Banquette, Black Bentwood Chairs from Lexington Home Brands, head chairs from client’s inventory.

Why did you chose it?

This Dining Room was designed for every member of the family! Kids love banquettes, guests love an arm rest, and the hosts have to feel fabulous! Who said everything had to match? Mixing seating style keeps a traditionally formal space from feeling too serious.

​Mixed Dining Seating


​​Indoor Plants

Example of trend -

Fiddle Lead Fig Tree, Kennicott Brothers.

Why did you chose it?

One of the best interior design trends now is using indoor plants. I’m partial to Fiddle Leaf’s as they also seem to finish a room and enhance the atmosphere. It’s never a bad idea to throw in a flower or two!


Exposed Wood Beams

Example of trend -

Custom, Precision Mouldings.

Why did you chose it?

There’s something so inviting about a room with a beam ceiling. These beams helped to ground this Great Room and express the scale of the room’s architecture. 

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