Designer Q&A

Katelyn Hoffman

San Francisco, CA

August 10, 2022

1. Name a designer or architect you admire.

2. Favorite piece of furniture

3. Favorite well designed places to go in SAN FRANCISCO:

1. Isle Crawford

Simply put, she designs for the human. Beauty and creativity are balanced with a sensation of comfort and easiness.

2. Thonet Model #14 Chair

3. Favorite well designed places to go in SAN FRANCISCO?

The Original VC Morris Gift Shop at 140 Maiden Lane

Now a Menswear store, but designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1930’s for the Morris Family

Che Fico

Arancini with a side of authentic Italian whimsy

Hotel Kabuki Lobby

Renovated in 2017, the lobby of this San Francisco OG now has a refined, curated expression without losing touch with Japanese cultural i influence. You step in and immediately feel at home.