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We host 4 dinners a year in 13 markets for a curated group of about 15-20 designers / architects, one per firm
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"I loved how open and honest everyone was at the dinner"
-Sierra Goetz, SF Next Gen'er
Really enjoyed getting to meet other designers and reps. Very talented group of people. I agree that it's important to develop relationships with other designers, rather than viewing them as competition.”
- Kelly McDermott, Normandy Remodeling, Chicago
“This was hands down the best networking and relationship building event I have ever been a part of. The relationships and knowledge that you will gain during an event with Network Next Gen is priceless. Tarra was impeccable at navigating the conversation between designers and the sponsors. She is The Queen of Networking!”
- Zach Griffith, House of Rohl, Chicago
“I thought you did a fantastic job facilitating this - providing the right balance of energizing the group and making it fun but also keeping us moving and providing structure. Not to mention improvising in the moment (e.g. reviewing our questions).”  
- Rachel Oldfield, Marketing Operation Product Manager, Cambria, Minneapolis
“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the evening getting to know you and more of the designers and reps in our community! I feel like I took away so much from the conversations and that it was a valuable experience. You have spearheaded a very unique and forward thinking organization!”
- Natalie J. Perry, Interior Designer, LeoADaly, Minneapolis

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