Hustlers at Home

Hillary Johnson

Chicago, IL

October 24, 2022

Hey guys! My name is Hillary Johnson @letsgetphysichill and I’m an interior designer in Chicago and welcome to my apartment in Wicker Park.

This is the living room. Most of my style is influenced from living in Savannah and all of the beautiful classical architecture there and the massive amounts of antique stores. I do like to mix in some more modern elements (mid-century sometimes). It's really kind of an eclectic mix.

I also love gallery walls. I've had one in every apartment I've ever lived in! Most of the pieces are either thrifted or something my family or friends have done and then a few pieces that I've done as well.

This is the bar. It has saved us during quarantine. One of my favorite things to do is hoard glassware. Velvet Goldmine is my favorite place to go for glassware. They have beautiful sets and they're really well priced! The actual bar itself I don't own, I'm storing it currently for my company. They needed someone to take care of it and I offered so it's been a part of our home for a while now.

This piece was actually something that my mom bought in college and refurbished. She's passed it down to us and now it holds all of our random things that we can't fit anywhere else!

We also have Bobby the Bobcat which was Mike's first addition to the apartment and he keeps us safe. We also have our scooters for getting around the apartment for if you are in a hurry or just want to have some fun!

Another one of Mike's additions was these vintage pennant flags. I really love them with this gold couch. It shows the femininity of the couch with the sportiness of the flags. I'm very sporty personally so it fits in with our vibe. I actually got this couch when I lived in Savannah. I went to school there and attended SCAD and this was on the side of the road for two days and when I realized that no one was coming back for it, I immediately grabbed it.

This is my bedroom. This room is a little bit hard for me to design because it's so long and thin, but I wound up finding two really thin nightstands that makes it feel more like a real bedroom. Since there wasn't any room for table lamps because of the small bedside tables, I went with this really cool sconce from CB2 to kind of light the area and add a little extra element.

For the rug, I actually got from Everything But The House, which is an estate sale app. I also got this art piece on eBay from China and I both love and fear it. I'm hoping to eventually hang this chandelier here. It needs to be rewired, but until then it's just a fun accessory!

Since you walked right into the kitchen, we wanted to carve out a little bit of an entryway. So we have this rug which is vintage from Etsy, a little swivel chair which is actually from Urban Outfitters, and then our Kung Fu print which I love because it's hilarious and also it's a nice little note that you don't always have to be perfect!

In the kitchen we changed out all the hardware that was existing just to add it up a little bit and to tie into this peel-and-stick wallpaper that we added as a backsplash.

The bathroom has actually been our biggest project thus far. Aside from the floor and toilet, we completely redid it. We got a new vanity which we just went across the street to Lowe's. New plumbing and we painted the whole thing which all happened in one weekend, so it was a pretty aggressive weekend redo! We also did this collage wall.

My sister and I worked on it together and I picked up pieces that we love and she worked with the space. She also did this really fun figure drawing for us. This is also Louis's (cat) favorite room because she loves the sink and water which is bizarre!