Sanja Kerr

September 22, 2022

Soulection on Apple music has been one of my favorite things to listen to while working, cleaning, eating, walking. The dj is Joe Kay who curates weekly shows that are 2 hours long. Each episode is a carefully curated collection of sounds that have a theme and are insanely enjoyable to listen to. One of the most recent ones is based of his trip to Joshua Tree and he digs deep for some amazing tracks that evoke this feeling of euphoria and excitement, all the while keeping it smooth and non-distracting. He does this beautiful thing where he slips in some old track you remember from so long ago and makes it fresh and fun to listen to while he mixes it with some new sounds.

One of the things he does best is pay homage to creators of sounds and is very respectful with the cultural blending of music. The mixes are not word-less but they are so lovely to listen to and I have discovered so many new artists and innovative musicians. Also, he does talk every now and again since it is technically a radio show but his voice is quite soothing and nice to hear. Enjoy!