The Designed Day

Dane Quay

September 22, 2022

NOT TO BE PLAYED ON SHUFFLE 🚨 This playlist is meant to act as the background of the work day.
We begin with some classics, the feel good songs that never get old and always put you in a positive energy. Are you strutting around with your coffee? Damn right you are! These sounds set you up for a good day, and as the songs continue we bring a bouncy beat in to settle into our flow for the day. Here is where we begin to strip the beats back and bring in a mix of international flavors. I can get caught up in lyrics and have found that listening to different languages keeps me focused without losing the energy I want from the music. This middle section of the mix going from morning through lunch into the early afternoon is eclectic in all the ways it needs to be. As we come into the early afternoon, we starting sprinkling the beat back into the mix and picking up the tempo.

We are still riding this vibey wave, cranking out designs, but that afternoon crash is right around the corner... don’t worry, I got ya.
We are going to turn it up a notch, maybe a few notches. We are going to crush the afternoon! The beats per minute are up and so is the heart rate. An adrenaline boost and some dance nostalgia we are good to go! Coming around to the final stretch we slow that tempo back down and smooth it out with a little mix of everything to wrap it all up with a bow. Congrats you did it!

The goal of this mix playlist is introduce some new artists and sounds that have found through traveling and from friends with amazing taste. I pick my playlist based on energy and mood, this one has a fun dance beat as it’s backbone, and have found these songs to keep me in a good mood and my energy up, and I hope it works for you too.