Word Less

Tess Hurry

September 22, 2022

Depending on the task at hand, I have found words in my earbuds to be too distracting.  This is where my "Word Less" playlist comes in.  Just because I want music without lyrics doesn't mean I want to listen to classical music.  I often still want music with some drive, but finding the right songs can be challenging.  I have a couple of go to albums, but had yet to combine anything in one playlist.  When Next Gen reached out about Music Monday, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to sit down and put my lyricless playlist together.

Khruangbin has been my go to artist for enjoyable music without lyrics.  I went to a Vulfpeck concert where Khruangbin opened.  After about three songs I knew I had to figure out how to spell their name so I could listen to them while working.  Their vibe is chill, but also funky. And bonus- they are from Houston!  The playlist started out with Khruangbin as the base and other lyricless songs I have picked up through the years from some of my beloved artists: KAYTRANADA, Bibio, Jamie XX, ODESZA, Sigur Ros, Romare, etc.  After combining my songs and asking a couple of my music-loving friends for their favorites, Spotify helped fill in the gaps with their “Recommended Songs”. My “Word Less” playlist still includes lyrics here and there, but usually in a context that is not too distracting such as a foreign language or indistinct mumbling.  I have enjoyed taking the time to curate my music a little more and hope to do more of it in the future.  Happy listening!