March 15, 2021

As many of you road warriors/ remote workers know, finding a good spot to work can be tough. You need the right vibe – not too loud, not too dead, just enough energy and ambience to spark some creative productivity. It also means mentally preparing for the amount of coffee you will consume

(Proper work remote etiquette: Don’t work at a coffee shop without at least one purchase. Come on people, fair policy for a free office for the day.)  

Besides the insane caffeine consumption, remote working can be fun! Finding a new spot, people watching, and of course those Instagram stories are all in a day's work. Since I frequent 12 cities on the quest for the perfect work spot, I’m going to be sharing a few of my favorite gems in each of our cities, starting with

1. Brother Moto

“Brother Moto is a community based Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) Garage , coffee shop and motorcycle lifestyle goods brand in Atlanta GA. Our goal is to allow people of all skill levels to have the ability to work on their own bikes with the right tools at a low monthly membership cost.”

A combination we never thought we’d see, but it works just so well! We dug the cool motorcycle vibe,  modern leather furniture, and delicious coffee. Excellent space to work with plenty of seating! Now we just wish we were cool enough to own a motorcycle…

but we’ll just have to wear our leather jackets and pretend.

670 Memorial Drive, SE, Atlanta, GA

2. Dancing Goats Coffee Bar

Dancing Goats Coffee Bar by the Ponce City Market is an open-area, large-windowed eatery where you can enjoy the feeling of a summertime porch hang-out...without dealing with the outdoors. Its enormous floor-to-ceiling, screened-in windows, porch swings,  and a waterfall from the ceiling give the whole coffee bar a fun and relaxing feel. You can get your work done in comfortable seating, all while basking in the sun and (for a fun work break) people-watching!

650 North Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA

3. Chrome Yellow Trading Co.

We can’t forget about the shockingly matte black coffee shop in Atlanta’s fourth ward, where you can enjoy not only a good cup of coffee in its sleek, white-and-wooden interior, but its array of fun goods to shop around for as well!

Owners, Kyle and Kelly said their vision was simple: “to create a clean, inspiring atmosphere that welcomed a wide range of people to meet, work and gather.” The minimalist setup perfected by its vintage accessories makes this a perfect place to work with no distraction –

except if you feel like doing a bit of shopping, of course.  

501 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta, Ga. 30312

4. Chattahoochee Coffee Company

To find Chattahoochee Coffee Company you have to go through a gated neighborhood, but don’t let that stop you. This hidden gem is facing the Chattahoochee River, and really makes you feel like you’re in an oasis in the woods.  Becoming quite popular, if the inside seating area is too crowded, head outdoors to the large wrap around patio or the lawn chairs facing the river for a peaceful break.

We also love their mission statement: “We exist to make a positive impact in our community and world while providing an exceptional product to our customers. We break this down into three fundamental commitments: Coffee, Justice & Community.”

Now that’s a mission and experience we can get behind.

6640 Akers Mill Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30339

5. Dr Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party

A big reason why we’re intrigued to try Dr. Bombay’s next is because of its unique aesthetic. A lot of new coffee shops go for the sleek, modern vibe, but Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party could be pulled from the pages of “Alice in Wonderland!” The pastel colors and delicate decorations like teacups and origami swans in the air make us curious to explore more. “Whether you're enjoying our signature high tea service, a cup of coffee or one of our delicious desserts, you'll be part of a delightful experience for your senses and a movement that emphasizes giving a hand up instead of a hand out.”    

We’ll be sure to let you know about our favorite things, whether that be their bright red patio chairs, old piano, library, or their long tables set up for tea parties.  

1645 McLendon Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA

See you on our next trip to Atlanta!